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want to tell you about a gunman who opened fire on a bus carrying u.s. soldiers outside the frankfurt airport in germany. two people were killed. >> reporter: a sheet covers up the broken windshield of the bus carrying u.s. soldiers. the shooting happened at the airport in frankfurt, germany near several u.s. military bases. police say a gunman opened fire as the bus sat outside a terminal. two people were killed. the bus driver and a passenger. and two others were wounded. police took the gunman into custody. police could not confirm whether any of the casualties are u.s. military personnel. randall pinkston, cbs news. >>> a u.s. park police officer is being treated for injuries after a motorcycle accident on the southeast southwest tree way near 7th street southwest. the accident happened just before 11:00 this morning. right now there is no word on the severity of the officer's injuries. police are investigating exactly how that crash happened. >>> late this morning the supreme court ruled that the first amendment protects members of a controversial church would hold anti-gay from
>>> hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for joining us. a developing story from olney, maryland is topping our newscast. montgomery county police say they are investigating two homicides that could be the work of one person. both victims were shot to death in less than one week. kristin fisher has more on the latest homicide on north high street. >> i heard some gunshots and i think it is about three or four times. >> reporter: he was working in his garden when he heard the gunshot that killed his nephew. 41-year-old punyasara gedara. >> i know it is his jacket. he was alive at that moment. he was. >> reporter: but gedara later died at a local hospital. now the hunt is on for his killer and neither montgomery county police nor his uncle have a motive. >> he doesn't have any enemies. he doesn't go anywhere without us. just only going to work. >> reporter: gedara started working on this subway last week. in fact, he was walking home from work when he was shot. gedara was shot around here. look at how close he was to the safety of his own home. it was just across the street. >> it
. moderate to severe weather is west of us. west of the mountains here. western west virginia. there could be some isolated tornadoes there. that slight risk area extends across the region. across virginia and maryland. now, i'm thinking the northeastern part of this mainly in maryland where it has been cooler. across parts of virginia, the shenandoah valley, northern virginia, fredericksburg, you have to worry more so than we do here. we've been watching the showers really pass this morning. it has been fairly quiet. we have showers to our north and west. a couple of storms near charleston, west virginia. locally, live doppler 9000 hd, some lighter rain showers winchester up 81 at hagerstown out toward thurmont approaching frederick right now. this is not what i'm concerned about. i'm concerned as we look at the future cast as we go through the afternoon. while we'll have spotty showers, there will be stuff that arrives later on. maybe not until 8:00 and maybe ahead of this but you'll see 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 how the storms roll through. some could be packing gusty winds and some hail. behin
. and shutting down. hello. i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for being with us. the government will partially shut down in three days unless republicans and democrats can reach an agreement on a budget. the g.o.p. is proposing a temporary fix. joel brown has more now from capitol hill. >> reporter: to avoid a government shutdown on friday, republicans are trying to push through an emergency bill today. the measure would fund the government for two weeks and includes $4 billion in cuts. >> the american people want us to get our fiscal house in order and this is a step in the right direction. >> house republicans are doing what we're sent here to do. >> reporter: the g.o.p. says the temporary fix would give congress the time it needs to hammer out a larger budget agreement but democrats say two weeks isn't long enough to make a deal and that means uncertainty for businesses. >> doing a budget for two weeks for the largest economy in the world is not adding stability. >> republicans say they came to washington to cut spending. ultimately, they want to slash $60 billion from this year's budget but first, t
>>> hello, i'm jc hayward. thanks for being with us. are surging test scores at a d.c. school too good to be true? a new exclusive usa today report focuses on the noise education center and questions how scores went up so quickly. lindsey mastis has details. >> reporter: it seems like a cinderella story. noise school was struggling. in 2006 only 10% of students scored proficient or higher in math. but two years later, 58% of students scored well. usa today reporter jack gillham used d.c.'s freedom of information act to take a closer look at those scores. >> there were high rates offer ray sures where answers were changed to the correct answer. >> reporter: it's so high, the odds are better for winning powerball than having that many answers changed from wrong to right. the school became a national blue ribbon school and former chancellor michelle rhee awarded teachers. >> i took the test scores to her, and she said, marvin, this can't be right, because she's still having problems retaining. >> reporter: in response, d.c. public schools released a statement saying, in part, the dis
victims were found in the 2900 block of victory lane near suitland road. surae chinn brings us up to date. >> reporter: it was a violent morning here in prince george's county and detectives are now trying to figure out if the three people shot this morning are connected. two men and one woman shot all around the same time about 4:20 this morning and it could have originated all at this suitland apartment complex. >> it was real loud. >> i just heard like a bomb. >> a heavy police presence in the 2900 block of victory lane near suitland road. two men found shot outside an apartment complex. one person died. >> how many shots did you hear? >> about five. >> it woke me and my granddaughter up this morning. >> reporter: police say a possible third victim, a woman, suffering from a gunshot wound to the head was driven to the sixth district police substation at 27th and pennsylvania avenue southeast d.c. the police station is three and a half miles from the apartment complex. why she wasn't taken to the hospital first is unclear. >> we're gathering information to try to find out exactly what h
>>> hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thank you for joining us. well, it is opening day for the washington nationals but i'm not sure the weather is going to cooperate with baseball fans. so, let's get right to the weather forecast from anny. anny, looks like rain. >> we're talking about already a little light mist and drizzle out here on the weather terrace. it is cloudy. it is not the ideal forecast for opening game for some baseball today. but we're talking about cloudy conditions and definitely bundle up if you're heading out there this afternoon. here is a look at our day planner where getting ready to head out, we're talking basically cloudy conditions all day. mid-40s by 3:00. similar for 6:00. the rain, it will be steadier later tonight. especially during the evening commute and as we get through the evening. here is a live look at live doppler 9000 hd where not all of it is picking up the mist around the d.c. area. we do have some light shower activity kind of spotted. here is a look at the satellite radar picture where we'll have more of the steady rain coming in. right now, fair
>>> hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for being with us. the man identified as the east coast rapist will be in court today. prosecutors will present their evidence against aaron thomas in a new haven courtroom. police in prince william county are discussing his time. bruce leshan is live in manassas with more information. bruce? >> reporter: j.c., perhaps the biggest new piece of evidence in this case that came out, came out not from the news conference that just wrapped up here at the prince william county police department but from some of my sources here and those sources are telling me now that aaron thomas is cooperating with authorities, that he is acknowledged allegedly admitted to many, many of these attacks, as many perhaps as 17 attacks, maybe more than that on women in four different states over 13 years. a period of 13 years in which he alluded authorities and now he's allegedly in custody. my sources tell me that he saw those billboards that have gone up and down the east coast and he figured that was it. that he would be caught. he kind of was expecting at some point t
the condition of her own children and police are not giving us any details either. so you know, we're still here at the scene. talking to police, talking to neighbors. you know the car here on the scene is where police found it. it stopped just at the bottom of the driveway. so it appear that is vehicle was not going very fast. and then it stopped at the bottom of the driveway. of course a very tragic scene. police are going to see if there was any kind of malfunction in the vehicle, maybe the brakes weren't working. but right now, everyone in this neighborhood says they're simply just praying for the program and hoping that everyone is -- family and hoping that everyone will pull through. more tonight at 5:00. >> thank you very much delia. >>> there is however good news no afternoon about two small children taken from their home at gunpoint. they're back home safe and sound. however, their father, 22-year- old robert anderson ii is in custody. surae chinn brings us up-to- date. >> reporter: the terrifying ordeal happened at this home on 15th street northeast, but right now the children are home
>>> hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for being with us. the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the baseball season starts tomorrow. and we're expecting rain and snow in some areas. howard has our forecast. >> j.c., doesn't feel like spring at all out there. temperatures in the 40s. we do have winter weather advisories out to our west. want to show you the readings right now. 50 in culpepper, the warm spot. still in the 30s in garrett county. low to mid-40s right now. as far as live doppler 9000 hd's concerned, there may be a few sprinkles starting to develop. not all of this is reaching the ground. north of fredericksburg, see the darker greens coming across the river over toward dahlgren, trying to lift into charles county, there may be a few sprinkles there. we can't rule out one or two spritzes but the real rains haven't arrived yet. that will happen later on this afternoon and this evening. big heavy patch of moisture off to the south in norfolk and richmond. another piece of energy coming in from the midwest with rain and snow for indiana. for us, the winter storm watch u
oÑowww >>> hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for joining us. walmart wants another rollback. the nation's largest retailer is asking the supreme court to throw out a major class action suit. alexis christoforous has more now from wall street. >> reporter: the massive case against walmart has been moving through the courts for nearly ten years. it started with california employee betty dukes who complained that walmart was giving men better promotions and bigger salaries. >> it was very disheartening to know that you can barely put food on your table, there's no position -- there's no opportunities for you to really move ahead. >> reporter: her complaint finally led to the class action suit, accusing walmart of companywide discrimination against women. the supreme court will not be ruling on whether walmart is guilty but whether one giant lawsuit can represent the experiences of hundreds of thousands of women. if the suit is allowed to continue, it can wind up costing walmart billions of dollars. the company has fought the suit from the start saying it has a long history of p
themselves with flyers on safety and the need be, they break up a fight using self-defense methods. the guardian angels will move to reach out to the young people and send a positive message and hopefully recruit some of them on their team. in suitland, maryland, surae chinn, 9news now. >> it is not just metro passengers being targeted. drivers are fearing for their safety and many of them are going to work armed. this is a story you'll only see on 9news now. the bus operators' union says there have been 59 passenger attacks on bus drivers, 135 attempted assaults and 140 threats to bus operators over the last 12 months. some parts of the district have become particularly dangerous. >> they just came on the bus and said we gonna kill you. so -- >> how many times did they stab you? >> four times. >> there are operators that arm themselves. because of the fact they can't get the protection they need from the agency that employs them. >> reporter: the union said protective shields like this one could go a long way in protecting bus operators. a report on the attacks on metro bus driver
is a look at the roads that helped us jump four spots. third most congested roadway is the inner loop of the capital beltway in montgomery county during the evening commute. followed by that same stretch of the beltway in the opposite direction during the morning commute. but the top spot goes to i-95 between springfield and quantico. now, in no traffic, this drive between quantico and springfield on i-95 should take 24 minutes but this new study found that the average drive time during the evening rush is actually 86 minutes, that's more than three times longer than it should be. >> this whole thing is a mess. biggest mess i've ever seen. i was born here. it is awful. >> do you ever get used to it? >> never. >> no study on traffic in the d.c. area is complete without talking about i-66. that interstate didn't make the cut for the most congested road in the region but it did take the title of the top two worst bottlenecks. they're i-66 westbound in arlington county and i-66 eastbound in fairfax county. kristin fisher, 9news now. >>> the company that conducted the study said it was det
. >>> thanks for joining us. i'm jc hayward. hundreds of nurses have left their jobs at washington hospital center to join picket lines. it is the result of a dispute over wages, benefits, and staffing levels. our surae chinn reports that negotiations have broken off. >> reporter: hundreds of nurses on the picket line detoured on to hospital property. >> sir -- i don't want to -- >> reporter: but striking nurses are fighting for better wages and benefits. they say the biggest sticking point is proper staffing. they say there's not enough nurses for all the patients. >> the icu's, they often have one or two patients at a time. two patients have a lot of issues going on and really need to be monitored constantly, but they'll be split between one nurse. >> the hospital was safe yesterday, it's safe today. it will be safe tomorrow. >> reporter: but even this morning nurse nicole says she was told to leave early to avoid running into the temporary nurses. >> patient safety was compromised within that hour because there weren't enough nurses covering the patients. >> reporter: they're planning on
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14